JasonTorresMLMLaserFocusedThanks for visiting my about me page! A little bit about myself Direct Sales Leader, Career Soldier (U.S. Army), Network Marketing Professional. Have had the pleasure of being
Attraction Marketing Systemmentored by some of the greatest thought leaders in the game, and have learned a lot on my journey as an entrepreneur. The military was the outfit that helped lay the foundation for the man that I have become and I’m grateful for my service to my country.
Aside from military service, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Plan B income has always been apart of me, and since a young age have always been ambitious. Today those ambitions have paid off, and I continue to work hard to add value to the marketplace and increase my skill sets every single day by taking massive action in my business.
Unlike many who talk a good game, I’m out in the marketplace daily putting my money where my mouth is. The value I share isn’t theory by any means, but just lessons that I have a learned along the way with hopes that it will help another entrepreneur become better without having to learn the hard way!
Service To Many Leads To Greatness! – Jim Rohn
I have a love for people and nothing excites me more than seeing others take action in their lives and accomplish their goals. When you work towards something bigger than yourself that serves a greater purpose in life is when you start to see what the true meaning of life is really all about. The things you truly desire soon become a reality in your life because of your focus on others.

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Just a few of many pictures taken over the years with family, friends, fellow soldiers, and business partners! Life's A Blessing!


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The fear of criticism is something that challenges a lot of people trying to build a successful home based business. If you find yourself going through this now I can totally relation to how you feel! You get introduced to an opportunity, decide to join, and then with excitement start telling all your friends, family,

Happy Wednesday Folks, over the last day and half I been reflecting on the ingredients to being successful in home business. What I’ve come to learn over time and what has been explained to me by one of my favorite business mentors, is that if you don’t keep your promises and commitments you make to